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Ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved...and it starts with self care

September 26, 2017

At the Institute of Integrative Nutrition we examined the concept of self care in great detail.  When you mention to someone that you're "treating yourself", most people will have a picture of you getting a pedicure, or maybe even a massage, or a facial.  However, self care can be that plus more.  Any amount of pampering and taking time for yourself is beneficial, however, these examples don't happen often enough.  To get full benefits of self care, you must make a consistent commitment to put yourself first.


Self care can be any activity that nurtures and refuels you and its definition may mean different things to different people.  Whether you nurture your physical body, or your relationships, it will help make you feel whole.


Some examples of self care may include naps, a healthy diet, regular exercise, reading, laughter, journaling, nature walks, alone time, etc. Engaging and any and all activities that satisfy your need is limitless, but the key is to stay consistent.  You may choose to engage in an activity at the same time each week, or schedule it on your calendar, or maybe even enlist the help of friends or a health coach to keep you accountable.


A great daily detoxing self care routine could include dry brushing your body before your shower, using a hot towel rub, cleaning your tongue, and a morning meditation.  This happens to be my morning ritual, along with putting my daily intentions into the universe and having a positive mindset for the day.


Be kind to yourself, and practice regular self care.  To your good health with love and gratitude, Emmy



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